COBOL Standard Defect Processing

COBOL Standard Defect Processing

INCITS/J4 has been tasked by WG4 to process defect reports againsts what is currently the FDIS of the next COBOL Standard.

The purpose of this web page is provide the COBOL community, and those who have sumbitted defect reports with an easy way to find the current status of the processing of the defect report.

Defect tracking begins on this site once J4 determines that a defect report is warrented and an initial document is created.

This page is currently under development. Information on how to submit a defect report against the FDIS will be forthcoming.

To view the status of each defect report, please Click on the appropriate link provided below. The most recent defect report is listed first. Each document includes links to related documents and previous versions.

Defect Report Response D-3, Clarify Format Clause