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ISO/IEC   JTC1 / SC22 / WG4 has the scope of the development and maintenance of ISO/IEC standards and other specifications for programming language COBOL.

Approved international standards and other specifications include:

The following corrigenda correct defects in ISO/IEC 1989:2002:

To obtain these international standards and specifications, please contact your national member body.

Work on projects includes:

WG4 has assigned the detailed development of the revision of ISO/IEC 1989:2002 to WG4's Other Working Group 1 (WG4/OWG-1).

WG4 has delegated the detailed processing of defect reports and associated responses to INCITS/PL22.4, COBOL Task Group, in the USA.

Other available information:

If you want further information, or want to participate in WG4 or WG4/OWG-1, contact your national member body or one of the contact addresses of the WG.

If you want to participate in defect processing in PL22.4, see the PL22.4 web site for information on contacting the PL22.4 chairman.

2010-06-30: standards | projects | documents | meetings | contacts | internals

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